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Plastic Eye Wash Station - No Bottle - Single / FAEWS6517

$16.95 /EA
Product #: DSIFAEWS6517
CONTR Size: 1 L; Options: Single Bottle
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No Bottle

Ideal Uses
  • Flush Contaminates from Eyes, Face and Body

The Dynamic Eye Wash Station with 1 Bottle Holder is built to be refilled with eyewash solution and conveniently hung on a wall for easy access.


This eyewash station is made from durable plastic, has a mirror for helping to see if eyes are clean, and a storage holder for an eyewash bottle.

Dynamic eyewash solution is an approved drug by the FDA used for cleansing the eye to help irritation or burning by removing loose foreign material.

This drug product is considered exempt from SDS as it does not fall under the definition of "Hazardous Product" as per regulations - 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200)

For single use only.

Helps to prevent bodily damage immediately after an accident!

Vendor Part #:FAEWS6517
Packaging:Plastic Wall Station
Bottle Style:No Bottle

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Plastic Eye Wash Station - No Bottle - Single / FAEWS6517

Plastic Eye Wash Station - No Bottle - Single / FAEWS6517

Plastic Wall Station with Mirror - Comes with 1 Empty Bottle Holder - For holding an eyewash bottle that is used for cleaning out eyes from contaminants, debris, and chemicals